PhASER @ Nano-tooling school

On march 31th PhASER presented itself for the first time to the public!

With a brief presentation, we have introduced PhASER to an audience of PhD and master students attending the school of Nano-tooling@ScienceApp.

The school is directed by ISASI-CNR Team Leaders that are responsible for the facilities and for the related research topics. You can see the poster here: Flyer_Nanotooling_School_ISASI-1

After an introduction about OSA chapters in general, we have  presented our plans and activities for the near future. First of all the very close participation in “Futuro Remoto”: the huge event about science’s outreach that every year fills Napoli’s biggest square for an entire weekend!

See you there 25-28 May 🙂

Hello World!!! We are PhASER :)

Hello world, hello everybody!

We are proud to announce the birth of PhASER OSA chapter in Pozzuoli 🙂

PhASER stands for Physics and Applied Sciences for Early Researchers.

We are located in the Scientific area of CNR (National Council of Research), at ISASI – Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems.

As stated in the chapter’s name, we will mainly focus our attention to early researchers and master student approaching research in applied sciences.

The first aim of this chapter is the formation of a cluster of Ph.D. students coming from these different institutes inside the scientific park. To form a community of active students we plan to host a series of events to promote the sharing of ideas and the scientific discussion.

The scientific area hosts many different research institutes in the framework of optics and applications, i.e. ISASI (Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems)), IPCB (Institute of Composite Polymers and Biomaterials), INO (National Institute of Optics), ICB (Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry), and TIGEM (Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine).

The first task of the chapter would be the organization of a large meeting between all the Ph.D. students in optics related disciplines. We have thought of host a series of “short and sweet” presentations where everybody can show its own research, discuss, and link with other students. We hope we will be able to hold similar meetings periodically, offering time and space for students to socialize and discuss informally their research topics…and there will be snacks off course 😉